Pet Friendly Real Estate

What does pet friendly mean?

We will allow your pet to travel with us while viewing homes; they will give you their opinion, believe it or not! We will have information on local vets, organic food distributors, emergency care centers, pet hotels and in home pet care companies. You can also ask us about the best place to get beautiful saltwater fish. If you are bird lovers we will point you to some of the best bird watching areas around Tucson.

We can help you find homes with acreage for your horses, or just large fenced yards for your dogs to run. We can even help you find real estate that allows for your specialty pet (livestock) so you don’t get in trouble with your new HOA.

When selling your home with your pets we will help you set up special showing techniques so Fido doesn’t have to leave the home and Fluffy won’t escape.

Sandy’s Rescued Pets


Adopted from: PACC
Special Needs Animal


Rest in Peace-September 2013 – 18 1/2 yrs old


Adopted From: HSSA
Rest in Peace May 2009


Adopted From: Local handicapped
person who could no longer care for her.


Saved From:
Premature Euthanasia


Rest in Peace
March 2013 – 13 1/2 yrs old


Adopted From: The Hermitage
No-Kill Cat Shelter


Rescued off the street during storm at Magee/Shannon.


Rescued feral from the Tortolita’s in Canyon Pass.

Sandy’s Saltwater Fish